The Calm Before the Storm

There is an interesting Vibe going on here in South Florida as we are all faced with the unknown Devastation that hurricane Irma is about to bring us. As I look around I noticed hugs and kisses and well wishes from most. People I don’t really know that well are reaching out to make sure that I will be okay. We all know that we are about to be faced with something unreal. The way that a disaster of this magnitude is capable of bringing people together is impressive to say the least.

I won’t deny that there are still those who are selfish around us. That will always be true. People getting angry in stores and waiting in 30 minute lines for gas.  Bro, we are all stuck in this boat, you are not special.  There will always be the person who panics in the water and drowns the ones trying to save them. But the majority of us are aware to the fact that we are stronger working together than we are alone.

While I am scared to death of the unknown that faces me, I am at peace knowing that I am here with a community of like-minded individuals who are ready to do what is necessary for the community not just themselves.  I will be staying in an area that is filled with other refugees who have decided that the best choice is to stay here for their horses for themselves and for their community. I am confident that will we will be strong together and that we have the resources to make it through this.

My decision to stay was not just about myself and not just about my own horses. My decision also had to do with the community that I have built here. I cannot abandon my friends, my team, my family. We all have our reasons for staying, and believe it or not all of our reasons are valid.

I cannot say that my decision does not scare me to death. But I have never been the type to make a decision based on fear.

While there are a few trying to capitalize off of those trying to find safe shelter for their 4 legged friends, the majority of farm owners have others best interest at heart, offering up their empty stalls at no cost.  Many have kept us up to date through social media alerting everyone where to get gas, who still has water, what the best prep practices are and what routes are best for those evacuating. The unity has given me goosebumps.

I want everyone in the world to feel the love that our country displays in times of need and realize that through everything, we will be ok. It will never be sunshine and rainbows, but it’s important to recognize how much people really do care.

Those of us who are here are expecting the worst and hoping for the best. We have spent every hour of the past few days running every senario through our heads to ensure we are as prepared as possible.  Imagine what that feels like. Knowing what you may be facing and hoping you’re spared.

Please keep us in your thoughts. Thank you to everyone, everywhere who has offered up shelter. I have had contact as far as Michigan offering up their space. You may be too far to help, but know that you are appreciated just for taking the time to think about inconveniencing yourselves for anyone in need. I have friends from high school near you who haven’t even reached out to find out if I will be staying.

To those who are here, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We are a community here to work together. Reach out. Know your neighbors. We are in this together.

God speed and see you on the flip side! 😘

16 thoughts on “The Calm Before the Storm

  1. Wishing everyone staying in the area all the best. You are truest courageous staying in Florida for your animals, friends and family. It is extremely selfless and supportive. I sincerely hope it’s the best possible outcome for you guys, with minimal damage. I unfortunately can not offer to help with space or supplies as I am from the UK, but I will be thinking of everyone over the next few weeks who have had to endure the disaster that will soon hit. I hope your animals are unharmed and your homes are not damaged. Sending my love to everyone out in Florida!

  2. I’m originally from Louisiana and have ridden out many a hurricane. People call us stupid for it, but we do it for all the reasons you stated. I get it. Best of luck to you, and if you need anything in NJ, I’m here for you.

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