Melissa Clelland

Starbound is owned and managed by Melissa Clelland.  Melissa has been starting young horses since 2001.  In 2007, she worked for LWF Sporthorses, her family’s breeding farm in Michigan, where she managed their beautiful 54 acre farm while managing the Young Horse Training program.  For the next 6 years she developed horses from foal to show horse before moving to Florida to start Starbound Equine Services in 2012.  Melissa is still riding one of her favorite LWF mares, Petite Belle, who she brought to the USEF/Markel Young Horse Championships to compete against the nations top 4 year olds in 2011.  Belle and Melissa are currently competing Intermediate 1 and the pair hope to make it to their first CDI small tour in Winter 2020!

WF PE Perfect
Melissa and Petite Belle

Melissa picked the name ‘Starbound’ after her favorite broodmare at LWF who foaled most of the horses she worked with there.  “She was a sweet mare and a good mother.  She set strong boundaries for her foals and made sure that they respected them.  I believe that her foals were easier to train and as a result.  I try to follow in her footsteps and it has helped me teach horses to respect and trust me so they develop into a willing and confident partner,”   says Melissa.  Starbound aka ‘Libby’ passed away May 27, 2011.

Libby’s last day at the farm