Gridwork with Grady

FUERST GRANDE P aka GRADY is a 2012 Hanovarian Gelding by Fuerst Romancier. Grady first came to me as a client horse but I loved him so much I had to take him for myself.

I didn’t choose Grady because he was just too talented to pass up. I chose Grady because he was an underdog. I saw how much he would shine after a little dusting and he had a heart the size of Secretariat. I found that whatever I asked him to do, he would try, and if he didn’t get it right, it would upset him, but he would still try again – even harder the next time. When I realized this, I fell in love. Because if you have enough tools in your tool chest, you can improve any horse that is willing to try.

While Grady had an amazing overstep with his hind legs in all gaits, his hind end was still very weak. In the trot and canter he would lose his balance and run to his forehand and when I tried to balance him, it was as if the caboose became detached from the train. In the trot, his rhythm would become compromised and his back would drop, and while cantering he would swap leads behind.

While Grady was supposed to be a dressage horse, I knew just the trick to get his hind end working at it’s best: Gridwork. From then on, all his training consisted of working over poles or fences. He took to it so well, we decided he deserved a career change. We showed in the jumpers for a year and a half and today we are back to schooling dressage. We hope to have our first ride down centerline this fall.

Grady is available for sale and would be suitable in any sport horse arena with an experienced rider. He loves to jump with beautiful form and he is light and sensitive enough for the dressage ring.

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Beginning Gridwork with Grady

Trot Poles to an Oxer

Feeling and Setting Leads while Jumping

Gridwork with Grady: Trot Poles

Gridwork with Grady: Using a Swedish Oxer

More exercises Coming Soon!