Starbound Equine specializes in the correct start and training of young sport horses and retraining horses who are struggling.   Trainer, Melissa Wanstreet, focuses on building confidence and relaxation for not just the horse, but for rider too.

Melissa says “This is a difficult sport.  Many horses are just misunderstood.  Some of them are just too smart and they become categorized as naughty or spooky.  Horses are instinctual.  It’s what makes them honest.  But sometimes they need to be taught a better way to act on their instincts.

“As far as riders go, no one gets on a horse with the intention to do the wrong thing.  We all do the best with what we have been given.  I like to focus on building self esteem while enhancing the riders tool box.  Riding is supposed to be fun!”

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We’d like you to give you the opportunity to follow the progress of some of our horses by including our daily videos in the links below.

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FUERST GRANDE P aka GRADY – 2012 Hanovarian Gelding by Fuerst Romancier

SCANDAL LWF – 2013 Oldenburg mare by Wittershausen (Welt Hit II)

PETITE BELLE aka BELLE – 2007 Oldenburg Mare by Patrick (Corland)