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Gridwork with Grady: Using a Swedish Oxer

Here we have a grid set with a vertical to a one stride, to a Swedish oxer, to a one stride, to a vertical. A swedish oxer includes 4 standards and at least 2 poles. Β The poles on the front set of standards are set with one side higher than the other. Β The second set [...]

Gridwork with Grady: Trot Poles

Trotting Poles is a very basic exercise and underestimated exercise that is very beneficial to young and older horses alike.  I felt the need to include it in our gridwork as it seems to get left in the dust even though it's a great exercise used almost daily. For one, it is a great tool [...]

Starbound is Hiring a Working Student!

Learn to ride for free and earn a little money too!

The Calm Before the Storm

There is an interesting Vibe going on here in South Florida as we are all faced with the unknown Devastation that hurricane Irma is about to bring us. As I look around I noticed hugs and kisses and well wishes from most. People I don't really know that well are reaching out to make sure [...]

A Break for the Young Horses

I've decided to give the youngsters a break from work before the busy season hits here in November

Gridwork With Grady: Feeling and Setting Leads While Jumping

Another addition to the 'Gridwork with Grady' Series! Check out this simple exercise great for horse and rider.

Does the Perfect Trainer Exist?

She knows who she is and is incapable of being anything but genuine...